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A Kid and His Dad Share Their Experiences with Youth Sports, School, Video Games... and Just Life In General


Little League International-Bubba Talks to Dan Velte
2019 Apr 2335m 7s
Bubba & Rockitt are excited to welcome Little League International's Dan Velte to the show!! We talk about Bubba's attempt to make it to the Little League World Series, along with the extremely important values that Little League Baseball and Softball offer to our youth. We also discuss the bridges that can be built between Little League and travel baseball. Also, get an inside look at what the players experience at the Little League Baseball World Series. All that, and so much more! Dan Velte is Senior Director of League Development and Regional Operations. Listen. Share. Enjoy.
Episode 16-Season 2 Kickoff
2019 Feb 1925m 9s
Welcome to Episode 16; the first of Season 2! As Rockitt tries to keep his Kennel Cough under control, Bubba shares his experiences with joining an awesome baseball team, taking the SAT with a bunch of high school kids, and the downfall of Fortnite? We also give a huge shout-out to Brad Meltzer, the awesome children's book author, political thriller novelist, TV show creator and comic book author. Please continue to: Listen. Share. Subscribe. Leave your comments on our website here: BubbaAndRockitt.com.
Episode 13-Wrong Car Buddy
2018 Apr 2721m 49s
Wrong car buddy! Zippy joins us on the show today as we discuss his laugh-cry mishap. In Bubba's 'Reading Letters' segment, we hear from Jeffrey in Miami with some great advice that Bubba sort of disagrees with. Will Rockitt reveal his lame strategy for Fortnite? Does Spielberg know what a PlayStation is? And we have listeners in Ireland with a Shout-Out to Adrian! Please continue to listen. Share. Subscribe. Leave your comments on our website here: BubbaAndRockitt.com.
Episode 11-Butterfly Wishes for Ellie
2018 Apr 0921m 3s
Episode 11 is a lesson to most parents and kids: The stresses in your everyday life may not be so bad in comparison. Listen to what our very special guest has to say. And not only is this 11 year old a pro at handling more stress than the average kid OR ADULT can handle... but she also knows sports! Listen as she and Bubba battle out their baseball and football knowledge. Also see how you can help us out in finding the cure for the worst disease you’ve NEVER heard of… Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Please continue to listen. Share. Subscribe. Leave your comments on our website here: BubbaAndRockitt.com.
Episode 8-Coach Mom Got a Little Feisty!
2018 Mar 2022m 6s
Uh oh! In Episode 8, Bubba & Rockitt discuss the meltdowns that can happen on the youth sports fields. Adults need to take a lesson from the kids that just wanna play! Can coaches be compared to polar bears? Bubba figures out a way. And we have some shout-outs to Caleb's mom as well as Daniel. Listen. Share. Subscribe. Leave your comments on our website here: BubbaAndRockitt.com.
Episode 5-Bubba Hates This Episode
2018 Feb 2818m 48s
In Episode 5, we touch on a subject that annoys Bubba.. PICKING UP AFTER HIMSELF!! He would rather mom and dad serve as his personal maid.  Ain't gonna happen! I guess mom and dad need to create more stringent consequences for being so forgetful... NO VIDEO GAMES FOR 2 WEEKS? OR should we introduce more incentives... HAVE A SPECIAL LUNCH WITH DAD! Listen. Share. Subscribe. https://www.bubbaandrockitt.com.
Episode 3-Stop Picking Your Butt!
2018 Feb 2423m 25s
In Episode 3, Bubba & Rockitt discuss an embarrassing situation while shopping for a new shirt for the school dance. In sports, they touch on being a bandwagon fan as well as sacrificing time at a festival for his travel team. Following 2 episodes with discussions on Stoneman Douglas, this one is certainly fun and relaxing.
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