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Nothing Artificial, the podcast where we keep it real. Two friends and college students, Nico and Alyssa, share real conversations and stories with the world! Come with us as we give shotty life advice, complain about retail jobs, and laugh just a little too hard! Follow us on Instagram: @nothingartificialpodcast Email us: nothingartificialpodcast@gmail.com


Episode 7: Social Media: Tool or Addiction
2021 Jan 141h 5m 45s
Nico and Alyssa have a conversation about social media and how it affects the world.
Episode 6: Oh The Places We Will Go... (Ft. Andre)
2020 Dec 161h 9m 56s
This week Nico and Alyssa are joined by Andre as they talk about their experience traveling.
Episode 5: Peeves Don't Make Very Good Pets
2020 Dec 0954m 37s
Nico and Alyssa take it easy this week and talk about their pet peeves.
Episode 4: Don't Tell Our Managers....
2020 Dec 021h 9m 59s
In this episode, Nico and Alyssa tell stories about their experience working retail and discuss the importance of having a job.
Episode 3: Leadership: It's Not Just A Big Boat, It's A Way Of Life
2020 Nov 1857m 1s
Nico and Alyssa talk about the importance of leadership. Listen this week as they share experiences and advice on how to be a great leader!
Episode 2: Welcome To College. It Sucks, You Are Going To Love It!
2020 Nov 1150m 37s
Nico and Alyssa talk about how college is going in 2020.
Episode 1: You Thought You Knew Us In High School...
2020 Nov 0458m 16s
Nico and Alyssa talk about how they met, their high school experiences, and friendships.
Nothing Artificial Trailer
2020 Aug 2823s
Introduction on what is to come!
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