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  • Alexis Bertoldo
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Welcome to The Money Talk. Where it doesn’t matter how much money you have, its what you do with it. The topic of money is so taboo. I created The Money Talk so that we could feel free to speak about our finances without fear of judgement. I want to create open dialogue where we can share our knowledge and experience. Knowledge is power; and when we share it, we can empower our generation.


Four Different Ways To Invest In Real Estate
2020 Dec 189m 42s
Ever wanted to invest in real estate and just did not know how? Well there’s more than one way to do it. Check out this episode to see my top four different ways to invest in the real estate market.
How To Keep Your Relationship Accounts Balanced
2020 Dec 0334m 52s
Have you ever had a relationship that you kept depositing into and the other person just took and took and took?! Listen to this episode, featuring Maira De León, to learn how to keep your relationship accounts balanced!
Building a Home v. Buying a Home
2020 Nov 236m 6s
The perfect house is hard to find. There’s a lot of things to consider. That’s why some people choose to build their home instead. But how much does it cost to build a home versus buying an existing one? That’s what this episode explores.
5 Tips to Save $1,000 Fast
2020 Nov 166m 24s
Weather your building you emergency savings, going on vacation, or buying a car, these 5 tips are sure way to save $1,000 fast!
Boss Lady Interview
2020 Nov 0330m 14s
This is the first interview episode! On this episode I interviewed Maira De León, owner of Good September Co, and self made business woman. We talk about how she started her own business and the different trials and tribulations she faced along on the way. Bonus BLOOPER content at the end of the episode 😝!
Biases That Can Lead to Financial Mistakes
2020 Oct 2612m 48s
We all have cognitive biases that we exhibit. They are hard-wired in our brains. In our personal lives and in our professional lives, biases can have a great impact. If we can learn to identify them and how to avoid them then we can make better financial decisions. This episode identifies the most common cognitive biases that affect our financial lives and explains how to deal with each one.
Unexpected Pandemic Taxes
2020 Oct 269m 51s
In this episode I go over what taxes the average working class American should expect to pay from the $1200 stimulus check and additional $600 in unemployment benefits that the CARES ACT created.
Pandemic, OK what now?
2020 Jul 208m 51s
Tips and tricks to get you through this pandemic better then you started.
How to Manage Money In A Pandemic
2020 Mar 2715m 49s
The Coronavirus has thrown us all for a loop. Many of us are experiencing slowing business or are out of work completely. Here are some tips on how to manage your money during these uncertain times.
Managing Money When You Are Paid In Cash
2020 Feb 0311m 14s
For most people, being paid in cash every day for the hard work they put in is a dream come true. For those who are actually paid in cash, this can be a benefit or a liability. Find out the common pitfalls of cash earners and how you can avoid them on this episode.