• Tyler and Greg
52 episodes
Greg and Tyler are two movie fans who wants to share their love and insights about the movie industry with everyone!


Sundance For Reel?!
2021 Jan 1716m 20s
Greg takes a look at the pending award season, Sundance film festival going virtual and the future of streaming not really changing the game as we thought it would
For Reel Bites Episode 6 New Years Resolution?!
2021 Jan 1015m 40s
Greg talks about the possible merger between nbc universal and Warner media/ Hollywood’s future in China.
All the book rights?!
2020 Dec 2011m 57s
The National Film Registry! What is America's film legacy and what could be changed about it? What is Hollywood doing with all the book rights? Let's discuss!
Wright way to go For Reel?!
2020 Dec 1310m 56s
Greg talks about Letitia Wright backlash on Twitter, Monster Hunter pulled from China and the economics of streaming and what that means for movie theaters.
For Reel Bites episode 3 HBO Max
2020 Dec 067m 21s
The Warner Bros company has announced their entire 2021 film slate will have exclusive viewership on HBO Max!! What??
Deadpool 3, Transformers 6 For Reel?!
2020 Nov 298m 6s
Deadpool 3 is R Rated. F&$k yea!! Paramount is back at it again with a new transformers series starting year after next and a trailer turnover for the week.
For Reel Bites?!
2020 Nov 2110m 54s
This episode is a short for news review of the upcoming release of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max and the start of production for Black Panther sequel.
We are Back For Reel!?!
2020 Oct 2335m 5s
Greg and Tyler give an exciting update regarding the show as well as try to predict where the industry is headed and much more!
Remembering Chadwick Boseman For Reel
2020 Sep 0441m 9s
Greg and Tyler discuss the unexpected and tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, his cinematic legacy and much more!
Get Familiar Again For Reel !?!
2020 Aug 2139m 11s
Greg and Tyler talk about the Paramount Consent Decrees as well as reintroduce themselves and much more!