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Bringing you education, explanations and understanding of common injuries and painful areas. Hosted by Johnathan Martin (Sports Therapist and managing directer 8th Element) and Liam Swain (Clinical specialist physiotherapist and Owner of LRS Physiotherapy).


Your Q&A's answered, from pelvic pain in pregnancy, to achieving better over head position in the gym.
2020 Jul 2627m 2s
Welcome back.Todays podcast was brought to you from our social media listeners questions - we picked the most common few and provided a quick fire lowdown to: Pelvic pain during Pregnancy.Should you ICE or HEAT an injury.How to achieve a better overhead position when training.How to manage MTSS (shin splints)If you have any questions or would like us to cover these topics in more detail. Just let us know. Stay safe and train smart.
Train smart and avoid Injury
2020 Jun 2930m 11s
Liam and John delve into the importance in load management when returning to activity and sport after a long period of time off or when rehabilitating from an old injury. Explaining what tissue tolerance and load capacity is and providing you key tips and advice in objectively managing your training and rehabilitation to optimise performance while minimising injury.
Ankle Sprains - Manage them correctly!
2020 Jun 1746m 33s
Liam and John discuss what ankle sprains are and move through what you can expect from your physio. Ensuring we eliminate Red flags, high sprains and fractures, before moving onto information about signs and symptoms and initial management. With the majority of the podcast focusing on the importance in correct pain and rehabilitation management of your sprain, and how to reduce the risks of having a reoccurring sprain.
Lower Back Pain and Disk Herniation
2020 Jun 092s
Such a common area of pain, we delve into the common causes of pain and how everyone interprets pain differently. Providing self help tips and discussing the RED FLAGS behind more serious conditions such as Disk Herniation and how MRI's aren't the perfect tool for diagnosing your pain. The perfect listen to understand your back pain and know how to move forwards.
Mid Back Pain Uncovered
2020 May 2934m 3s
Mobility restrictions through the mid back can cause movement discrepancies and injuries through the shoulders and lower back. Posture, strength and mobility are key. In this episode we uncover why the mid back needs to be mobile but strong in order to optimise movement, improve posture and reduce shoulder and lower back injuries. We also discuss how you can self test your rotation and extension and what to do to improve mobility and strength.
Neck Pain Uncovered
2020 May 2631m 35s
Welcome to pain uncovered. A discussion about non specific neck pain, the anatomy, common causes and what you can do to move better and reduce pain.
An insight behind the team
2020 May 234m 38s
A sneak peak behind the scenes to the practitioners who are bringing you the 'PAIN UNCOVERED' series. Here to share our experiences, discuss injuries, posture and imbalances, whilst helping educate the 'you' listeners in what to expect from physiotherapy and how to help yourself!
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