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Wellness & Health Professionals (WELL HEALTH PRO) discuss all things therapeutic and rehabilitation related. Mostly informative, sometimes controversial but always cutting through the confusion to provide you with what you need - INFORMATION to enable you to make good decisions about your health and well-being.


2020 Nov 1920m 23s
Labarre from Labarre Janse van Vuuren Biokinetics speaks to Jaco from Well Health Pro about amputations. She discusses the process from surgery to functions. They delve into why so little focus is given to the long-term management and why some prosthesis ends up in a closet.
How should physiotherapy be applied?
2020 Nov 1917m 53s
Renier from Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy talks to Jaco from Well Health Pro on how to apply therapy. They discuss the why of physiotherapy treatments and how it should modernly be applied.
2020 Nov 1915m 7s
Carli from Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy discusses dizziness with Jaco from Well Health Pro. Carli explains what is dizziness and how it differs from Vertigo. The talk includes how physiotherapy can help with the assessment and treatment of dizziness. Carli explains what to do and not to do when dizzy.
Tendon injuries
2020 Nov 1917m 4s
Nina from Cilliers & Swart Physiotherapy talks to Jaco from Well Health Pro about tendon injuries. What it is, how to look after it and what to do to get it better.
Acute injury management (what to do if you get an injury)
2020 Sep 2314m 14s
Jaco from WELL HEALTH PRO talks about what to do immediately if you hurt yourself. The reasons to avoid ICE & Ani-inflammatories and why to leave RICE where it belongs, in the kitchen. It is time for a new era of PEACE & LOVE in the way injuries are managed.
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