Reawaken with Grant Mattos
  • Grant Mattos
2 episodes
Learn, remember, and develop the powerful skills of psychology, self-help, emotional mastery, philosophy, metaphysics, science, spirituality, non-duality, mysticism, consciousness, and more. My focus is diving deep into the nature of reality, and how to live the best life possible, right now. I tackle life's deepest questions such as: What is reality? My purpose? How do I reach different levels consciousness? Why is awareness so important? What is happiness? How do I live the good life? How do I become successful? How do I master my emotions?, and much more.


Thoughts, Emotions and Consistency
2020 Nov 098m 47s
On episode 2 I talk about thoughts, emotions and consistency -  a topic thats overlooked most of the time due to it's simplicity. And yet so often we place this daily practice of choosing our own thoughts and emotions so far outside of our realm of life changing possibility. We choose to stay influenced by outside circumstances and situations. It feels easy because we've been telling ourselves the same narrative for so many years. To the point that our body believes it to be true emotionally.
Episode 1: Self Doubt
2020 Oct 2310m 30s
On episode 1 I dive into self doubt and what it means to bring awareness to the amount of time we spend thinking and feeling from this space. If we can understand that everything and everyone is vibration, there becomes space to better understand our ability to choose what we think, how we feel, and the actions we take on a daily basis. The most important part of the day being first thing in the morning when our brains come to life and we either begin down a path of low vibration (doubt, anxiety, worry) or high vibration (excitement, happiness, love). These initial thoughts, feelings and actions can be so simple...i mean, really really simple. The petting of your cat or dog, noticing how comfortable your bed is, how amazing it feels to wake up by yourself or your partner. There are zero limits to the possibilities here. If making popcorn makes you feel happy, think about it, taste it, see it, smell doesn't matter. What matters is the feeling. Your personal vibratory signature you're bringing to each moment, each day.
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