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For their own sanity during this pandemic, long-time friends AJ & Ghe started this podcast where they banter and laugh about different life stories and experiences—just like the topics we usually talk about when we're out making tambay on the rooftop. Roaring and laughter are guaranteed. Don't forget to follow us here on Spotify & other podcast apps! And share us to your friends! If you want to be a #LihimNaLiham sender, submit your story here: Love shopping online? Use to support your tito AJ & tita Ghe in sustaining this podcast. Para lahat tayo happy. New user? Use to get P100 off on your first purchase. Connect with us and mag-usap tayo through our socials: | | yt: Kwentuhang Rooftop TV | all other links | #KwentuhangRooftopPodcast | for collabs, email us:


Episode 26: If I Were Create A Book Or A Film (What Would The Title & Story Be?)
2021 Jan 1338m 17s
Lahat tayo may stories to share. If you're given a chance to write a book or make a film, what would be its title? Ano ang plot nito? Who would be the characters? Anong genre? What would be the conflict, resolution, and ending?
Episode 25: Self-Limiting Beliefs (Break Them Para Sure Ang Breakthrough!)
2021 Jan 061h 2m 37s
Since we're all on-board na 2021 must be a better year, let's take one more step forward. Hopefully nakalatag na ang 2021 resolutions, goals, and dreams mo. Next we are breaking barriers that have been stopping you being invincible and keeping you from your breakthrough. Listen now, mga katoto!
Episode 24: New Year, Better Me (Let's Do This, 2021!)
2020 Dec 3151m 10s
In a few hours goodbye 2020 and hello 2021 na! Are you ready for the new year? Make sure to bring optimism into the new beginning. List down your new year's resolution and goals na! Join us on this episode to talk about that, mga katoto.
Episode 23: 12 Things of 2020 (Oo, Parang Yung 12 Days of Christmas)
2020 Dec 241h 6m 29s
It's like the 12 Days of Christmas. We're listing down our 12 Things of 2020: 12 food, 11 movies/series, 10 happy memories, 9 songs, 8 places you wished you've been to, 7 achievements, 6 people you're most thankful for, 5 hobbies, 4 realizations, 3 wishes, 2 adjectives to describe the new you, and 1 word describe 2020.
Episode 22: Paskong Pinoy (Still Going To Be Joyful No Matter What)
2020 Dec 141h 7m 38s
Christmas is just around the corner. And this year's Christmas is really going to be different. Ganunpaman, bilang tayo ay mga Pinoy, ang Pasko ay siguradong magiging masaya pa rin. Join Ninong AJ and Ninang Ghe as they talk about Paskong Pinoy.
Episode 21: 13th Month Pay: Itinago or Naglaho? (At Sino'ng Nagsabing Malas ang 13??)
2020 Nov 3054m 24s
13th month pay - kasabik-sabik at kahali-halina! Para sa mga may 13th month pay (sana all), saan mo nga ba gusto gamitin ito? Join us as we share thoughts on how we spent the past pay and how we want to spend it now. May nagbago ba?
Episode 20: Where The Batang '90s At? (The Kids Whom The Sexbomb Girls Taught To Laban All The Way)
2020 Nov 191h 44m 3s
Batang '90s. We're the kids who got to play outdoors a lot and witnessed the exponential growth of the Internet. Balikan natin ang mga iconic '90s food, shows, games, celebrities, mga pauso, at iba pa!
Episode 19: Usapang Inuman At Alak (Bilang Alam Naming Miss Mo Na 'To)
2020 Nov 111h 4m 21s
Admit it, you also have a love-hate relationship with alak. Minsan ka nang pinasaya at pinaluha (at pinasuka) nito. Hahaha. Can you imagine how your life would have turned out kung hind nagkrus ang landas ninyo ng The Bar, Red Horse, Tequila, at Margarita? Samahan mo kaming malasing habang pinag-uusapan ang aming inuman encounters and antics.
Episode 18: Improving Your Personal Economy (Babangon At Babawi Tayo)
2020 Nov 0851m 16s
True, 2020 is such a unique time, mga katoto. Kaliwa't kanan ang mga unwanted and unexplained events. It's really pushing us to the edge! Pero papatalo ba tayo? Of course not. Babangon at babawi tayo. Let's sit down and talk about the steps on how to better our personal economy.
Episode 17: Working From Home (Is It Working For Me?)
2020 Nov 0250m 36s
One of the major changes this pandemic has brought on us is the way we do work. Particularly how some of us are forced to work remotely now. Let's talk about the struggles and the gifts of working from home. And by the way, happy 2nd monthsary to us mga katoto!