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Isaac and Rosemary love things, so they share the things they love and how those lovely things influence what they create


The Dream Is Collapsing
2020 Dec 041h 13m 44s
The world is a calm and happy place where dad’s get to come home to their kids and wives live in reality, where common sense is common and love reigns supreme, where Isaac and Rosemary talk about how perfectly real and how really perfect Inception is... Or is it?
Why So Serious?
2020 Dec 041h 31m 40s
What monsters and demons we have inside us, some of them even create some fantastic puns! In this dark and stormy podcast episode Rosemary and Isaac discuss the depth, brilliant characters and yes, even humor that lurks within Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight!
Get Some!
2020 Dec 021h 18m 43s
Continuing with our top 10 movies series, this week we looked at Tropic Thunder, and how this hilarious comedy stole our hearts and muh-muh-made us h-ha-pay!
Shorting Up | Bread & Thorns Podcast | Ep. 5
2020 Dec 011h 5m 44s
Continuing with our top 10 series, this week we looked at The Big Short, and why this movie based on the 2007-2008 global financial crisis is probably one the the most important films of our time
As You Wish, Here’s Episode Four
2020 Dec 0149m 2s
Twu Wuv is what bwings is togwether todway, along with Rosemary’s fourth favorite movie of all time, Princess Bride! Dive into this fairytale classic and learn how true love (or to blave, interpretation is up to the listeners) brings us all together in order to watch this spectacular movie.
Into The Matrix
2020 Nov 301h 28m 26s
A world within a world within a world... The Matrix shows us exactly how to take classic philosophical ideas into the modern age
Here We Go Again
2020 Nov 2949m 51s
Rosemary and Isaac start off their Top Ten Movies Of All Time lists by discussing the charms of watching the time-loop movie, Palm Springs, during this insane year
Podcast Zero
2020 Nov 2841m 14s
Isaac and Rosemary introduce themselves and have fun setting up the first series of segments in their show
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