The Sanctified Friends Podcast
  • Felisha Chadwell
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My name is Felisha Chadwell. I am a wife,mother, child of God, and a Certified Minister in Training. I created this podcast to connect with other women of God to minister to and encourage you in your spiritual Journey. As someone who has been saved and healed By God I want to point you towards our Magnificent Savior. We will talk about Book studies, The Word of God, and our daily struggles and temptations. We are not perfect nor are we meant to sit in silence, we are meant to connect with one another as children of God. I Hope this podcast does just that. As always Be Blessed!


Dreams, Visions, and Creating
2021 Jan 0912m 39s
Chapters 22-24 of Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons
New Year! New Me! Hugs, relationships and forgiveness
2021 Jan 0312m 2s
New Year! New Me! Hugs, relationships and forgiveness
Vulnerability, Bearinf Burdens, and Forgiveness
2020 Dec 2613m 6s
Going over chapters 16-18 of Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons.
Chapters 13,14,15
2020 Dec 2310m 8s
Be blessed as we go over chapters 13,14,15 as well as a special word from the lord
10-11-12 Know your identity
2020 Dec 1216m 10s
This episode goes over chapters 10-11-12 from rhythms of renewal by rebekah Lyons as well as a sneak peek of my testimony be blessed
Chapters 7,8,9 Being Indifferent
2020 Dec 0511m 48s
Today we will talk briefly about chapters 7,8,9 and being indifferent I will have more information next week for a longer episode it’s just been a busy week bear with me.
Tech detox and quiet time
2020 Nov 2215m 55s
Going over chapters 2 and 3 from Rhythms of Renewal By Rebekah Lyons
Stress, Anxiety, and Rest
2020 Nov 1413m 16s
This is the first episode of the sanctified friends podcast going over the book study Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons. Going over stress, anxiety, and rest.
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