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"Design Flaws" (with BARG) is a podcast where BARG, the host, engages in manic rants about the geopolitical climate, cultural warfare, and the ideological schism happening before our eyes. Email your stories, comments, advice, questions, and profound thoughts/ideas to designflawswithbarg@gmail.com (or use the Anchor features lol up to you), so that we can cover them on the show!


Episode 9: Down, But Not Out!
2021 Jan 111h 4m 15s
This episode is the cool Sunday kickback. BARG has been sleep deprived for the last 72 hours. Error: Coffee Required.
Episode 8: Here We Go!
2021 Jan 091h 25m 10s
Well, that was quick. Remember that lovely man named George Orwell? Oh gee, was he onto something. BARG furthers his mental dissociation and expresses his frustrations.
Episode 7: Friendly Occupation
2021 Jan 091h 19m 3s
BARG reflects on the wild happenings of the times with no regards for his mental health. Someone call APS, please.
Episode 6: The Effects of Weaponized Mind Games
2020 Dec 171h 17m 50s
BARG blows a gasket screaming about how his generation couldn't be more wrong. He almost gives himself an aneurysm.
Episode 5: Reaction to Hunter Avallone's Smooth Brain on Timcast IRL
2020 Dec 172h 14m 41s
BARG rants about Hunter Avallone's glaring ineptitude. Why does this guy even take the time to contribute his opinion when he's a mockingbird for institutional media outlets? Dude's brain is smoother than a fresh jar of skippy.
Episode 4: Media Bias & Its Effect on Human IQ
2020 Dec 172h 24m 31s
BARG vents about his lefty friend group's media habits and the smoothness of their collective brains. Recalibrate, reload, and re-engage!
Episode 3: Timcast IRL Recap & Jen Perelman Needs To Go
2020 Dec 101h 58m 51s
BARG takes you along for an emotionally charged recap of journalist/YouTuber Tim Pool's Timcast IRL episode with Jen Perelman.
Episode 2: More Election Outrage & Low IQ Speculations
2020 Dec 092h 3m 16s
Today, we continue to scatter-brain rant about the election. We go over the current news coverage of global events happening right now. China is everywhere lmao.
Episode 1: Problems with Trump Derangement & Election Outrage
2020 Dec 091h 7m 34s
Today, we scatter-brain rant about the problems with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and we go into questions that people should ask the far-left to critically think about.
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