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If you are a Pop Culture junkie like myself and are into Movies, Videogames, TV, Toys and more…then this is the channel for you! Every week I discuss news topics from the geekdom world, review movies and shows, give opinions and insights on the latest trends in videogames and reminisce on the days of pop culture past. Fan of Japanese pop culture, movies and anime? I talk about that too! Whatever you’re into, rest assured that you have found a home. So join me as I bridge the Pop Culture Community, one pixel at a time!


Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies! | LOWKEY GEEK Christmas Special
2020 Dec 2625m 46s
Merry Christmas! It’s one of my favorite times of year and one of the things that I love to do during the holidays is to…
Tough Times for Cyberpunk 2077 | The Book of Boba Fett! | The LOWKEY GEEK Podcast #26
2020 Dec 2256m 15s
Happy Holidays!!! This will be the last podcast for the year but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to talk about! In this episode,…
Disney dropping major bombs yesterday! | Disney Investor Day 2020 Announcements | The LOWKEY GEEK Podcast #25
2020 Dec 121h 40m 13s
This is a BIG week in pop culture and movie news and this will be a BIG podcast episode! In this episode, I recap all…
Are Movie Theaters completely dead? | WB streaming all 2021 movies on HBO Max | The LOWKEY GEEK Podcast #24
2020 Dec 081h 6m 37s
Hey all! It’s been a while but the LOWKEY GEEK Podcast is finally back! In this episode, I discuss the following: -I’m back and what…
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