• Dashawn Thomas
10 episodes
I'm the words that flow from my head to the ink of my pen to be printed on paper .... Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/indigo-wolf5/support


Indigo Wolf (Trailer)
2021 Jan 1648s
Mental illness
2021 Jan 165m 6s
Be in control of your mental health
You're a magnet of your manifesting
2021 Jan 163m 42s
Knowing that your magnet and how you manifest things in your life
What do we truly believe in
2020 Dec 255m 9s
If we can't believe in ourselves how can we believe in everything else
Remember the day I woke up in ICU
2020 Dec 199m 7s
The blessings that I'm alive 7yrs later suffering from mental illness
Who is the author of your life journey
2020 Dec 183m 32s
Your more that just the repeated chapter's of your book of life
Understanding your depression and anxiety knowing who you are
2020 Dec 137m 28s
Knowing that you can overcome anything that is placed in your way
Respect In A Relationship
2020 Dec 125m 4s
knowing what it is to have respect for each other in a relationship not degrade in each other in the foundation that you both have come together to build with each other in mind mental spirit and body
Love is a action word knowing the value of who you are
2020 Dec 105m 38s
Knowing your worth and the value of who you are understanding oneself that we don't accept whatever is being given to us
First podcast
2020 Dec 1053s
Sending out blessings
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