• Katie Hennessey
2 episodes
Life can be something that happens to us, something we create, or something beyond explanation. Our place, time, culture, experience and perspective contribute to the nature and way we exist in humanity and the world around us. As life never ceases to evolve, people react in resilient adaptation, innovative pathways, and surprised wonder. The Sound of Wonder is a curious look into the human nature and ways shaping our world. It is a deeper discovery of life's collision of pain, joy and adventure. It is a chance to take a step back and listen to the voices of humanity.


The Overview Effect with Charlie Duke
2018 May 1056m 33s
The Overview Effect is known to be an emotional and sometimes spiritual experience astronauts have while viewing the Earth from the outside. Some say it provides a greater sense of connectivity to their home planet, and all the beings living there. For astronaut Charlie Duke, his experience seeing the Earth from the outside was on his way to the moon, and his personal version of the Overview Effect adds a new depth of meaning to this phenomenon.
The Mind is a Powerful Thing
2018 Apr 1946m 9s
Can we really do anything we set our minds to? In this episode, we look at three individuals overcoming challenges, whether they chose to enter adverse circumstances or life events left them facing difficult situations, they each share a story of how mental engagement through extreme adventures, major life setbacks and strenuous pursuits equipped them through the challenge. John Bryant Baker is an ultra-marathon runner, white-water raft guide, teacher and thru-hiker who recently completed his second ultra- marathon. His reflections from inside a grueling 100k reveal a unique outlook on facing uncomfortable circumstances in life. Mike Marsh is a tennis player, mountain bike racer, contractor, former Paralympics athlete and a below-the-knee amputee. From the setback of losing part of his leg to becoming a competitive athlete, Mike's mentality has helped him see beyond his physical circumstances. Matthew Hennessey is a first-year medical student facing a demanding mental responsibility on a day to day basis. He talks about the change of mindset that pointed him towards his goal to be a doctor, the ways he's trained his mind to embrace a strenuous daily workload, and the long term mental stamina it takes to work towards higher education. These stories reveal a mental power over physical, emotional and circumstantial endeavors.
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