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Here, we don't just talk about it, we Be About It! In Zen Nation, through meditation and contemplation, we will tap into our peace of mind, tranquility, love, and joy that will assist us in enriching our lives, Body, Mind & Spirit! Please join us here Monday Mornings in Zen Nation! Be Blessed! Namaste'


Finding The Power To Endure
2019 Oct 288m 39s
Here in Zen Nation, Let's Not Just Talk About It, Let's Be About It!
Where Do We Look for Peace?
2019 Oct 219m 31s
Lets not just Talk About It, Lets Be About It! This Contemplation/ Meditation allows us to explore a peaceful setting in our mind’s eye!
Exploring Our Belief System
2019 Oct 148m 31s
A Meditation / Contemplation that assists us in exploring our belief system.
Unity, Offering Loving Kindness to All
2019 Oct 0711m 49s
This contemplation/meditation assists us in exploring Unity!
Devotion 2 Peace / Eliminating Negative Thoughts
2019 Sep 3016m 8s
This Meditation will assist us with eliminating negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.
Devotion 2 Peace / Responding To Life
2019 Sep 238m 29s
How are we responding daily to life, what are our major contributions are we contributing to Love, fear, joy, anger, hate,drama, peace, or  confusion. There are a lot of things we can contribute in this life and often it more than just one thing, but what is our intention?
Walking through the labyrinth of our mind
2019 Sep 1614m 12s
In this meditation, we will imagine walking through a labyrinth. Our brain resembles
Devotion 2 Peace / Deepening Our Values
2019 Sep 099m 24s
We last explored some values, values such as wisdom peace generosity justice self-respect wealth and freedom, or whatever your values are.  If we say we value something we should spend some time cultivating and promoting that value. If we had all the time we needed to cultivate what we truly valued, what would that look like?
What Do You Value?
2019 Sep 028m 42s
This is a meditation that will assist us in exploring what we truly value.
Do You Have Peace Of Mind?
2019 Aug 266m
The Principle we will focus on this week is Peace