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The podcast for people who aren't willing to accept mediocrity. Bringing you interviews from high achieving individuals and our own top tips to enable you to grow into the best version of yourself.


Stop Being a Perfectionist
2021 Jan 1714m 22s
The perfectionist mindset is holding you back more than it is helping you! In this episode, we discuss why it is a bad thing and how to stop it.
How to Have a Better Work-Life Balance
2021 Jan 1417m 2s
It is very common for driven individuals to go all-in on the grind. In the long run, this can lead to their life being controlled by work. It is important, for our well-being and happiness that we have a life outside of work. On this episode, we discuss how to strike this balance between grinding to achieve your wildest ambitions, but also having time to enjoy life.
How to Be More Lucky
2021 Jan 1014m 16s
A lot of people complain that they are unlucky. In truth, luck focuses on a single event, but the process is more important. Rather than waiting for a lucky break, you should be playing the game more, to increase your odds of winning. In this episode, we discuss this idea of luck and look at how successful people attract more luck in their lives.
How to Find Your Passion
2021 Jan 0715m 4s
So many people say "I don't know what my purpose is". They see finding their purpose, or passion, as this monumental event in which their whole life comes together. This is unrealistic and can cause unnecessary frustration in a lot of people. In this episode, we discuss better ways to think about this idea and our best tips.Hope you enjoy!Website: https://growthtogreatness.co.uk/
How To Fall In Love with the Process
2021 Jan 0311m 16s
The journey to greatness is a long one. The process can be very tough and gruelling, however, by falling in love with it, it'll be the best journey ever! Tune in to find out how you can fall in love with the process and why this is so important!  Website: https://growthtogreatness.co.uk Instagram: @gtg.podcast
10 Lessons Learned in 2020
2020 Dec 3126m 39s
2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, but it is important we take away the positives. So, in this episode, we discuss the 10 lessons we learned.Please message us @gtg.podcast and let us know the biggest lesson you learned this year!
How to Prevent Burnout
2020 Dec 2723m 21s
Burnout is a point of exhaustion, often reached after periods of high stress. It is an important issue as it affects our performance. In this episode, we discuss ways to prevent burnout and work more effectively. Hope you enjoy and please check out our website to see all of our podcast episodes and blogs.Website: https://growthtogreatness.co.uk/Instagram: @gtg.podcast
What is Innovation and Our 3 Favourite Examples
2020 Dec 2424m 18s
There are many definitions out there for innovation and we feel that people often have misconceptions around it. So, on today's episode, we give our definitions for innovation and discuss our 3 favourite examples, before exploring what we can learn from them.Website: https://growthtogreatness.co.uk/Instagram: @gtg.podcast
The Happiness Advantage - Our 3 Key Takeaways
2020 Dec 2017m 26s
In The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor outlines the 7 principles that are key to happiness in our lives. He argues against the common belief that happiness comes as a result of success, flipping this formula on its head. The book had a massive impact on both our lives and in this episode, we discuss our 3 key takeaways and how we have implemented them into our lives.Website: https://growthtogreatness.co.uk/Instagram: @gtg.podcastLinkedIn: Charlie Mart & Kishan Shah
Be Proactive - Start Seeking Opportunities Today!
2020 Dec 1724m 34s
There will never be perfect timing in life. Too often people are presented with a great opportunity but claim it's 'bad timing'. In today's episode, we tell you why you need to stop this and you need to start proactively seeking opportunities. Take control of your future!Website - https://growthtogreatness.co.uk/Instagram - @gtg.podcastLinkedIn - Kishan Shah & Charlie Mart