Holy & Whole: The Podcast
  • Pastor Scott
3 episodes
Join the pastors of Nashville UMC each episode as they discuss topics that make us Holy & Whole. Pastor Scott, Pastor Luke, and Pastor Kaitlyn are here to answer your questions, go deep into theological topics, and share their testimonies to help you feel more connected. We want to better equip you to share the gospel message with those in your community by diving into topics and questions that you may not have heard before.


What is Confirmation?
2021 Jan 1537m 45s
Confirmation is a big part of the Methodist church because of the foundation it provides for the church's members and youth. The NUMC pastors gather in this episode to talk about why Confirmation is important, what happens during Confirmation classes,...
Reflecting on 2020
2020 Dec 2635m 7s
Our second episode of Holy & Whole: The Podcast is a time for reflection on the year 2020!
What You Didn't Know About the Christmas Story
2020 Dec 0934m 28s
In our very first episode, Pastors Scott, Luke, and Kaitlyn dive into the Christmas story. They'll share things you may not have known before about the advent season and the Christmas story.