Portals And Gateways With your Hosts Rob and Rikk
  • Rob Leithliter
56 episodes
Shadow people, Ghost, Alien abduction, Portals and gateways and Poltergeist. From time to time we will have series on topics that deal with hauntings from around the state. Listen to two guys talk, disuses, debate and ultimately agree or disagree if the hauntings are real or fake. In the end will it be experience or will it be research or a mixture of both? Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rob-leithliter/support


Show Update
2021 Jan 2543s
What's going on. Better things to come.
The Awaking Premonition
2021 Jan 2239m 53s
33 years with out a Premonition till now!!!
Zomies S3E1A
2021 Jan 1650m 5s
Run, please Run.
Big News For Portals And Gateways S3E1A
2021 Jan 0621m 30s
We have made it.
Season 2 finial
2021 Jan 011h 21m 15s
Zombie's real or fake? Part one of Two, part two coming in S3E1
12/31/2020 Teaser
2020 Dec 2722m 35s
S2 teaser
Marry Christmas from Portals and Gateways
2020 Dec 251m 55s
Happy Holidays
The Trip To Sturgis, KY S2E21
2020 Dec 2445m 44s
What The Hell was that
Krampus S2E20
2020 Dec 2345m 13s
Wow just WOW
The Christmas Witch S2E19
2020 Dec 2349m 3s
Christmas With