RISE & SHINE's How I Got Here
7 episodes
Podcasters, radio producers and all sorts of audio makers share how they got to where they are now.


Nirav Chande- Learning With Others, Passion & Communication
2020 Dec 1819m 55s
Nirav Chande (he/him) is a junior content creator for Reform Radio. He's also a producer for a collective called Daytimers, a DJ, and a presenter.
Kay-Lee Goulding- The Potential Of Audio, Empowering Women & Knowing Your Worth
2020 Dec 1814m 25s
Kay-Lee Golding AKA Your Favourite Gyal From Brum (she/her) is a radio presenter, a radio producer, and a DJ
Jay Singleton- Start Ups, Saying Yes & Having A Guest But No Show
2020 Dec 1815m 6s
Jay Singleton (he/him) is the digital content producer for a show and a company called We're In Beta.
Hannah Varall- LUFs, Day Rates & Being Self Taught
2020 Dec 1813m 46s
Hannah Varrall (she/her) is a freelance audio producer
Ellie Clifford- Student Radio, Documentaries & Just Doing It
2020 Dec 1815m 2s
Ellie Clifford (she/her) is an audio producer across a range of projects for companies like the economist and audible
Danny de Reybekill- Hospital Radio, Music & Email Etiquette
2020 Dec 1829m 19s
Danny de Reybekill (he/him) works in the music industry. He has a podcast called the VS Podcast, dealing with mental health and the music industry.
Ella Watts- Audio Drama, Boundaries & Community Radio
2020 Dec 1825m 57s
Ella Watts (she/her) is a podcast producer at BBC studios.
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