Canna Law Guide
  • Ryan T. Kocot
11 episodes
Cannabis Law Guide is a weekly cannabis podcast that covers cannabis topics from growing your own cannabis at home to starting a cannabis business.


Winter is Coming!
2018 Jun 062m 38s
Build a cannabis brand while you still can. Any questions? Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram (@KocotLaw).
Cannabis Ban? No Problem
2018 Jun 045m 24s
Learn how to turn a cannabis ban into an advantage!
Cannabis DUIs
2018 Feb 204m 41s
Today’s episode discusses/rants about the science (or lackthereof) surrounding cannabis DUIs. For more cannabis information, follow us on Facebook and IG (@KocotLaw)!
Cannabis Event License(s)
2018 Feb 164m 59s
The cannabis event license regulations may change with AB 2020 coming down the pipeline, but today’s podcast talks about the current state regulations. Here’s the link to AB 2020: and here’s the link to the Green State article on AB 2020: . Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@KocotLaw) for more cannabis information!
Cannabis Real Estate
2018 Feb 162m 16s
Finding real estate for a cannabis business figures to be one of the biggest challenges an entrepreneur faces. Check this episode out to put yourself on the right track if you’re looking to open your own cannabis business. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @Kocotlaw for more cannabis content!
Cannabis Retailers
2018 Feb 144m 59s
Interested in a cannabis retail license in California? Check out this episode that outlines which regulations to watch out for! For more information, follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @Kocotlaw.
Prior Criminal Convictions
2018 Feb 124m 18s
Today, I discuss the effect prior criminal convictions can have on the ability to get a cannabis license. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @Kocotlaw!
Cannabis Distributor License
2018 Feb 124m 57s
Everything you need to know about the California State Cannabis Distributor License!
Cannabis Employers
2018 Feb 104m 23s
I cover a few issues cannabis employers should be thinking about!
Temporary vs. Annual License
2018 Feb 094m 24s
Understand the difference between the Temporary vs. Annual cannabis state licenses, as well as the fees associated with both applications!