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Hey friends this side harkomal Mehta and Welcome to harkomal Mehta show a posdcast for self improvement.


Hownto to be a pro student
2021 Jan 242m 5s
Episode 75 of Harkomal Mehta show / today I am gonna talk about pro student tips. So don't forget to follow on Instagram@harkomalMehta bye
I have not a good mic for podcast
2021 Jan 232m
Episode 74 of self-improvement podcast named harkomal Mehta show to today we talk about resource
Common thing of every successful person
2021 Jan 222m 1s
Episode 73 of self improvement podcast today we talked about the one common thing of every successful person
Addiction of YouTube
2021 Jan 211m 15s
Episode 72 of harkomalsingh ka show a podcast for self improvement so today we talked about the addiction of YouTube
India team wins
2021 Jan 2051s
Episode 71 of Harkomal Mehta show. So today we learn something from India team's win
Problems of Punjabi Songs
2021 Jan 191m 45s
Episode 70 of Harkomal Mehta show named self improvement podcast so we talk about Punjabi songs problems.
Back on Hindi
2021 Jan 1947s
Episode 69 of
How to wake up in morning
2021 Jan 172m 27s
Episode 68 of harkomal Mehta show I will talk about some tips related to study in morning
New privacy policy of WhatsApp is Scary
2021 Jan 164m 24s
Episode 67 of harkomal Mehta showso we gonna talk about some big problems relating to to new policy of WhatsApp.
Sorry guys
2021 Jan 1531s
Episode 66