• Naomi & Joyce
4 episodes
Welcome to Under the Scope a podcast that explores the world of microbiology and immunology. Through listening to our podcast we hope to educate you more on the challenges that we face today in the microbial world.


EP 4- Congenital Cytomegalovirus
2020 Nov 2314m 43s
In this episode, Naomi will be discussing and interviewing microbiologist Mrs. Fisher on congenital cytomegalovirus, the leading cause of congenital infections worldwide.
EP 3- Rapid Testing and Vaccines
2020 Nov 2323m 11s
In this episode, we will dive deeper into the different forms of rapid testing as well as discuss herd immunity and safety as they relate to vaccines.
EP 2- Antimicrobials and The Artificial Path to Immunity
2020 Nov 2326m 50s
In this episode, we will be introducing antimicrobial agents and how antibiotic resistant bacteria have emerged through the misuse of antibiotics. We will also explore the basic concepts of vaccinations and their significance.
EP 1- Introduction into the Microbial World
2020 Nov 2310m 43s
This episode will give you background into bacteria, viruses, and the progress of infection.
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