• Abby Rose (she/her)
3 episodes
WHY DANCE is a podcast that aims to provide accessible dance education for young artists as they transition into professional careers. Through the mode of interview style conversation, special guests are invited on the podcast to discuss their career and provide insight on working in the dance industry. Some information shared on WHY DANCE includes experiences in both commercial and concert dance, artistic process, dance musicality, and information regarding mental health in the dance industry. Through these conversations, the goal is to provide an honest dialogue about experiences and failures. WHY DANCE intends to provide a space where guests can candidly share their personal ups and downs of pursuing a dance career.


Angelica Stiskin
2020 Dec 101h 6m 50s
In this episode of WHY DANCE, Abby (she/her) chats with Angelica Stiskin, a choreographer, performer, director and dance educator.Angelica began assisting professional teachers and choreographers at the age of 14 and pursued her college BFA degree in...
Damien Bassman
2020 Dec 101h 1m 59s
In this episode, Abby (she/her) chats with Damien Bassman a musician, drummer, percussionist and all around wonderful human. Damien has played for many Broadway shows such as Next to Normal, The Addams Family, Spongebob on Broadway and most recently...
Nathaniel Hunt
2020 Dec 081h 20m 20s
In this episode of WHY DANCE, Abby chats with Nathaniel Hunt a choreographer, dancer, amazing human being... the list goes on!! Nathaniel has performed professionally and toured both domestically and internationally with Ailey II, Ballet Hispanico, the...