The CoreBuild Podcast
  • Frank Keck
17 episodes
True to our focus on the entire landscape of workplace culture, The CoreBuild Podcast helps organizations attract and keep the right employees, create an environment where everyone can thrive, bring people together to be more effective and productive, and grow by developing more positive customer relationships.


Audrey Navarro with Clemons Real Estate
2019 Sep 1828m 56s
In this episode, I interview Audrey Navarro of Clemons Real Estate about the culture of real estate and how she problem solves with a purpose.
George Brooks with Crema
2019 Sep 1135m 54s
I speak with George Brooks with Crema about how he accidentally started a company 10 years ago and how he purposely sought out people who could help him build a company with purpose.
Mike Bray with Vistage International
2019 Aug 2833m 14s
After spending 30 years with Sprint, Mike Bray now works with CEO's and other leaders in developing workplace culture to ensure success.
Abundance and Scarcity: How to Create a Culture of Abundance
2019 Aug 214m 10s
What's driving your business? Is it fear, which is scarcity? Or is it love, which is abundance? Are you moving away from something or are you moving toward something?
Stephanie Davis with Lillian James Creative
2019 Aug 1428m 29s
In this episode, I sit down with the new COO of Lillian James Creative, Stephanie Davis, and dive into her thoughts on work culture and how she plans to implement it with her new team.
Edgar Palacios with Latinx Part 2
2019 Jul 2422m 27s
This week, we continue our conversation with Edgar Palacios about our own self-imposed limits and how to engage with students.
Edgar Palacios with Latinx Education
2019 Jul 1736m 58s
We sit down with Edgar Palacios and discuss the purpose of Latinx Education and the under-representation of Latinos in the community.
Andrew Dowis with Pro Athlete, Inc Part 2
2019 Jul 1034m 19s
In this week's episode, we continue our conversation with Andrew Dowis about intentional workplace culture and how they honor their previous employees who have moved onto bigger things.
Andrew Dowis with Pro Athlete, Inc
2019 Jul 0332m 10s
This week, we experiment with having TWO co-hosts and Andrew Dowis of Pro Athlete was game enough to be our first guest using this format. Andrew shares his ascension from his entry-level position to becoming the CEO.
Courtnay Bradley with Trilogie
2019 Jun 2628m 9s
In this episode, I talk with Courtnay Bradley with Trilogie about how office furniture is more than just how an office looks, but more importantly how it promotes the culture and environment of each particular workplace.