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Topics include current events, nuances that go into being a young adult, relationships and much more!


Episode 7 - Pen Pals & Escorts
2020 Mar 081h 11m 37s
In this episode we discuss taking a relationship to the next level (0:00), hygiene etiquette (23:30) and AITA (38:30).
Episode 6 - Tea Party
2020 Mar 011h 39m 31s
After a "short" hiatus, the guys are back with a long-overdue episode. Here we discuss, why tea is trash (0:00), our marriage criteria (13:00), a recap of This is Us (45:00), AITA (66:00) and more.
Episode 5 - 3am...Eyes Low
2019 Jul 071h 36m 18s
In this episode we introduce a new segment (09:00), we also discuss manifestation (19:00), YesJulz (25:00), city living (47:00), and much more. Salute!
Episode 4 - Agree to Disagree
2019 Jul 012h 1m 28s
In this episode we discuss music (01:00), the decline of Black Mirror (33:00), marriage and abstinence (65:00), children and parenthood(74:33), and nuances in how men communicate compared to women (92:30). Salute!
Episode 3 - Lost Cause
2019 May 261h 19m 47s
In this episode we discuss new music, exclusivity in relationships, veganism and toxic club culture. Salute!
Episode 2 - Scandalously Trash
2019 Apr 141h 9m 31s
Scandalous vs. Trash. More relationships stuff as we try to better understand women and men. Salute.
Episode 1 - Taking Chances
2019 Apr 1357m 53s
We shoot the shit and get acquainted with one another!
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