The Joe Allen Podcast
  • Joe Allen
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Joe Allen talks about making small changes in our lives. In this podcast weight loss will be a big focus, however, there will be discussion on various topics. From careers to personal finance, the purpose of this podcast is to improve and make this wonderful life we have been given even better! Occasionally a guest that will provide a lot of value to the listeners will join Joe to discuss their experiences!


Episode 5: Going through breakup & figuring things out
2020 Jul 318m 48s
In this episode I share what I’ve been going through! Thanks for listening!
Episode 4: Changed the name, Life Updates & Coronavirus
2020 Jul 1715m 19s
I recorded this episode yesterday 7/16/20 and my whole life changed by the end of the day. No longer in a relationship and I’m not going to pursue the field I was trying to get it into. Everything happened after I recorded this episode and wanted to let you know that.
Episode 3: My Excuses For Staying Fat
2020 Jul 0322m 26s
In this episode, I break down my top 3 excuses that I constantly made everyday that justified why I wasn’t losing weight. I can guarantee that you have these excuses in your tool bag. **PODCASTS UPLOADED EVERY OTHER FRIDAY AT 2PM EST!**
Episode 2: Exactly How I’ve Lost 50lbs In 5 Months!
2020 Jun 1938m 34s
In this episode, I take a deep dive into what I have done to lose over 50lbs in 5 months. I completely spill the beans and you give you all the information needed to do it yourself! **PODCASTS UPLOADED EVERY OTHER FRIDAY AT 2PM EST!**
Episode 1: Introduction to Fix Yourself Formula Podcast
2020 Jun 0510m 28s
In this episode I introduce you to who I am and also what this podcast is going to be about!
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