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T.A., a marine biologist, and Doris, a journalist, sail around New Zealand in their tiny yacht, to connect with communities, share stories and raise awareness for marine restoration as well as protection.


2017 Nov 0712m 23s
In this episode, we share a bit of the connection the indigenous of New Zealand, the Maori have with their environment and how marine restoration can benefit from this inclusive, holistic world view.
What we can do for the ocean
2017 Oct 2411m 37s
The ocean has been neglected and (ab)used for mainly two activities by human beings: extraction and discharge. Both are highly destructive to the marine environment and lead to barren seas. The question is, what can we as individuals do for the ocean? Here are some ideas and steps to restore the abundance of our big blue back your.
Why The Ocean is awesome
2017 Oct 1910m 2s
It´s Labour Weekend here in New Zealand and we bet, lots and lots of New Zealanders will enjoy these free days near or on the ocean: Cruising, fishing, snorkeling, diving or just hanging out on the beaches. We just love the ocean. Apart from the obvious though, here are 5 reasons why the ocean is awesome.
Nuie and the potential of its plans for a marine reserve
2017 Oct 1614m 26s
Niue, a small island in the Pacific Ocean, has announced a new marine park in a bid to conserve and protect its marine resources. The park makes up 40 percent of the nation's Exclusive Economic Zone and includes the Beveridge Reef, home to some of the highest densities of the threatened grey reef sharks found anywhere on earth. We take the opportunity to discuss the benefits of marine reserves and why setting it up is not the only challenge.
Whales business
2017 Oct 1218m 58s
Recently, a dead whale was found on the bow of a container ship coming into Tauranga, Bay of Plenty (read: An event that happens more frequent than you would assume. We take the opportunity to talk about sea mammals and the danger they face because of the ship traffic in the ocean.
Waste and the ocean
2017 Oct 0817m 19s
Human waste discharges - also known as poos and wees - degrade our marine environment. We talk about this frequently avoided topic and about a possible solution of decentralisation to achieve sort-at-source and reduce the amount of discharges.
Plastic - An ocean serial killer
2017 Oct 0413m 30s
Plastic has one of the worst effects on our oceans and the marine life. We talk about why it is a serial killer and what we can do if we don´t want to sign the death contract for our nature. Find out more about the topic on
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