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Horrified & Hungry AF podcast features a funny fear- loving mother -daughter team who discuss a different horrifying story each week, while whipping up a delicious meal! We cover everything from serial killers to the paranormal, and everything in between! Tune in and let us feed your fear!


Blinding Lights, Blank Thoughts, and Lost Time
2020 Nov 1657m 28s
Episode 3 has arrived! Angel and Monica are snacking on some yummy snacks! Buckle up for this one kids, we’re discussing what’s best known as “The Hill Abduction”. Betty and Barney Hill were on an impromptu trip together in September of 1961, when they claim they came across something strange in the sky, that resulted in them being abducted by ALIENS! Join us while we dig in to what has been considered one of the most well documented cases of interaction with extraterrestrials! #Podcast #hahafpodcast #TheHillAbduction #Extraterrestrials #HorrifiedandHungryAF #bettyandbarneyhill
Ghosts of (Meatloaf) Murderer's Past
2020 Nov 0923m 27s
Episode #2 is enough to make even the biggest skeptic stop and second guess the power of the paranormal. In 1977 Teresita Basa, a 47-year old Respiratory Therapist was found dead in her apartment, and police had no leads. It’s not long before a woman comes to police claiming that Teresita is speaking through her, and she knows who the killer is! Join us for some yummy Meatloaf and Smashed Potatoes, and a crazy tale of a woman who is said to have solved her own murder from the grave!   #TrueCrime #Podcast #hahafpodcast #TeresitaBasa #Paranormal #HorrifiedandHungryAF https://www.facebook.com/groups/1148347188867727/?ref=share Instagram: hahafpodcast Twitter: @hahafpodcast hahafpodcast@gmail.com
Air Fryer Chicken and A Homicidal Brain Injury
2020 Nov 0232m 50s
Our first episode is up! Get ready for a wild ride! We’re whipping up our favorite version of air fryer chicken, baked potatoes and corn. This episode, we're talking about Bobby Joe Long; a serial killer who terrorized the Tampa Bay area from March to November in 1984, racking up a death count of 12 known, named victims. Not to mention, dozens of other women whom he attacked and raped, between 1981 and 1984, under the guise of answering newspaper want ads. Nothing goes better together than scary stories and comfort food! #TrueCrime #Podcast #hahafpodcast #TampaBaySerialKiller #HorrifiedandHungryAF
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