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QUEERTIVITY is an LGBTQIA+ Podcast based out of Rockford Illinois Hosted by Keith LaCroix and Felipe Castro. Our goal is to pick through the Queer community and discover new and different aspects of life from the wonderful community we live in. We want to share stories from all around and show people very relatable conversations from our own lives. We're learning together! <3


Queer & A's: Full Episode S1E8
2020 Dec 291h 2m 47s
Keith and Felipe's Publicist (Olivia)  ask them questions about their Queer Lifestyle and how they manage with all stereotypes throughout life. From conservative upbringings to open minded hook-ups they deliver the raw details from a positive sexual...
Queer & A's - S1E7
2020 Dec 2131m 3s
Olivia is our Publicist and Social Media Manager who does a lot of handling on our accounts. She was very curious about some questions about the the Hosts and they decided to answer them on this episode of Queertivity.
Drinking After Midnight & Eavesdropping ona Call! - S1E6
2020 Dec 1923m 10s
Discussion about a previous Phone call to my mother.
What is a Size Queen?: Part 1- S1E5
2020 Dec 1419m 10s
Keith and Felipe Discuss their experiences with past hook ups and our experiences with the definition of being a size queen. Does Penis size matter?
Naked Dudes & Best Blowjob Ever! - S1E4
2020 Dec 0819m 4s
Enjoying some stories on Bathhouse experiences and Glory Holes. Do you know what Water Sports are?
Pineapple & Sirens - S1E3
2020 Dec 0417m 56s
Today's episode we discuss past sex stories and a glory hole! Hear is banter about our younger days.
Mom's Lipstick & Framing CUM- S1E1
2020 Dec 0418m 4s
Get Ta Know Ya Hosts: Discussion about our past NOOB Gay moments! We discuss our coming out stories along with some early adulthood "Down n Dirty's"
Invisible Weed & Because we're Queens - S1E2
2020 Dec 0419m 39s
We discuss some odd and slightly paranormal things that have happened to these Queens (your hosts).