• Dominick Love
10 episodes
This podcast is catered towards everyone! Any and everybody can listen to my podcast. I focus my topics towards black people, specifically black men, in hopes to unify and educate. I am attempting to change the crippling narrative of how black men are viewed in every society. In doing this, I am going to be leading and following a positive movement for the betterment of black of men.


Black Education: How the Military, Trade School and Graduate School Have Shaped Our Minds!
2021 Jan 0614m 25s
In this episode, I explore the subpar support for higher education, as I attempt to dissect the reasons for the heightened support for military recruitment and trade school for black people.
Failure: Trials of Skin color
2020 Dec 2021m 35s
As I failed to sleep the night before this episode, which means I didn’t physically prepare, I realized something. Unlike death, success is not inevitable. You will fail by dying without ever succeeding!
Black History is American History!!!
2020 Nov 1415m
Exposing what has continuously been omitted
Making Depression Accountable for It’s Actions
2020 Oct 0840m 3s
This episode focuses on the horrendous effects depression has on people, especially black men, while bringing attention to how to go about ending Depression’s rain of tyranny.
Black Entrepreneurs Pt. 1: Her Hustle
2020 Sep 3013m 4s
Taking a look at black ownership in America, while diving into the mind of a black business woman
Loving Our Queens More: The Black Woman
2020 Sep 2431m 13s
Touching on the loyalty and disloyalty Black Men have displayed towards Black Women, while emphasizing the importance of protecting and valuing Black women as much as they protect and value Black men!
Is it Too Late: The prequel to the Original
2020 Sep 173m 6s
Allow your mind to make this whatever it needs to in order to save you from your own demise! There’s no right answer, but there is answer the is best suited for you.
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