• Darren Johnson
42 episodes
A discussion consisting of a variety of topics ranging from current events of the day and basically branching off into subject areas that will range from the serious to the silly. Co-hosts and good brothers Darren (D) and Chip (C) are your conductors on this wild ride from the ridiculous to the sublime. Buckle up and hold on. It's gonna be one helluva wild ride.


Sedition for Dummies C&D Ep. 42
2021 Jan 091h 48m 35s
Shiny Happy Nelson C&D Ep.40
2020 Dec 251h 33m 4s
Happy Holidays from the C&D Express!
Nasty Grandmas C&D Ep.39
2020 Dec 131h 26m 16s
C&D Ep.38
2020 Dec 031h 6m 37s
Muff Cuffers C&D Ep.37
2020 Nov 161h 38m 31s
Make sure you Vote! C&D Ep. 36
2020 Nov 041h 10m 29s