The Muskrat Conundrum
  • Charlie Kempson
5 episodes
Podcast discussing human-wildlife conflict. Exploring frontiers in conservation and zoology, examining historical examples of both successful and unsuccessful interactions between humanity and nature, with a fair bit of sociology and philosophy added in for good measure.


Hunting: A Useful Conservation Tool?
2021 Jan 1140m 22s
This episode examines Human hunting; its history and current status. Can hunting be justified on moral grounds as well as the grounds of it being a useful tool for the conservation of species and wild places?
Man-Eaters: Tigers
2020 Dec 2848m 41s
Man-Eaters is an in depth look at the evolution and ecology of the world's largest predators, as well as an examination into how this species exists in the consciousness of Humans around the world. The first of these episodes is looking at the largest...
2020 Dec 1531m 12s
In this episode we take a look at E. O. Wilson's theory of biophilia; what it is, how it has affected human behaviour in the past and how we can harness it as a conservation tool.
Why Is Biodiversity Important?
2020 Nov 3027m 41s
Today we explore both the moralistic and utilitarian case for conserving the natural Groot et al. (2012) et al....
A Brief History of Human-Wildlife Conflict
2020 Nov 1619m 57s
A short introduction to human-wildlife conflict, the central topic of The Muskrat Condundrum Podcast. We look back to the late Pleistocene, ancient history and finally modern day to examine some historical contexts for the conflicts we see today.