• Alex Edward Oliver
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The official Deep Tissue Records podcast hosted by founder Alex Oliver. Thoughts about and interviews with interesting individuals (with a special emphasis on music).


Working In Post-Coronavirus Service Industries w/ Jessi Busby
2020 Sep 0524m 6s
Jessi's a good friend and former co-worker.  As the dust from COVID-19 settles, we continue to re-emerge from lockdown and return to business (though not quite "as usual"), Jessi finds herself working in not one, but two service industries that are very different than they were just six months ago. As a server at a restaurant and a hairstylist at a salon, she works very closely with an often weary and occasionally difficult general public still coming to terms with the etiquette and what could very well be the "new normal" in a post-pandemic world. She was kind enough to share some of her recent experience with me.
Are The Cure Dreampop? w/ Max Varkalis & Pete Barker
2020 Aug 2613m 47s
When discussing the greatest dreampop albums of all time, is it crazy to consider anything other than "Heaven Or Las Vegas" for the top spot? Maybe. Brace yourself, 'cause we take it a step further by suggesting that "Disintegration" should be part of the conversation (for its gratuitous use of chimes alone)!
Deep Tissue (Trailer)
2020 Aug 1834s
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