Mastering Your Message with Dr. Kish
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12 episodes
Take your message to the masses in an excellent and exciting way! Listen in as Dr. Kish helps, you mold, maximize, and monetize your message. As a Pastor and Founder of a church and CEO of KishKnows Publishing Company, she looks forward to sharing her decades of experience serving God’s people and her wealth of knowledge as an International Book Publishing Servicer.


Operating in Your Place of Grace
2021 Jan 1522m 16s
Operate in your place of grace! To find out more listen to the broadcast. You will be empowered!
Manifestation - From Hidden to Revealed
2021 Jan 1414m 35s
What you are doing on a daily basis does matter. To find out more listen to the broadcast. You will be empowered!
Who Killed Goliath?
2021 Jan 0613m 17s
There is a partnership between heaven and earth and God needs you to do your part so that you can have manifestation in your life!
Manifesting Greatness! Priorities, Entanglements, & Assessments
2021 Jan 0512m 38s
Are you overestimating what you can do in a day and underestimating what you can do in a year? Having your priorities straight and following the strategies from this broadcast are sure to help you manifest your greatness!
It’s the Core That Matters!
2021 Jan 0414m 6s
You can’t defeat the giants in your life if you don’t know how to operate from your core. Courage comes from the heart. Do you have the heart to defeat your giant?
Don’t Let This Giant Wear You Out!
2020 Dec 2215m 31s
The giants in your life have come to wear you out with their constant railing but you must realize that the battle is fought and won in the mind. If you can set your mind in a place of victory, you have won the battle even before you get to the battlefield.
New Waves & Second Winds
2020 Dec 2126m 12s
Could it be that God wants to use you, your voice, your message to usher in this next wave of His glory? If so, it might require a second wind, especially if you’ve been standing long and strong. Get ready for the revival that’s ready to start with you!
Seedtime Harvest
2020 Dec 1830m 50s
There is a harvest of blessings that God has in store for you but you will miss out on it if you’re not able to understand the seasons you are in and how to navigate those seasons properly. If you maintain the proper posture and do what you’re supposed to do during the process, you will reach your time of harvest.
It Could Change Overnight!
2020 Dec 1719m 44s
When you work the principles of God, your life can literally change for the better overnight because there are things happening in the spirit realm that you can’t see. You just need to make sure you’re doing your part!
Intent! What is Your Intent Today?
2020 Dec 1611m 25s
Having your intent set for each day will help you navigate and avoid distractions so that you can maximize your time. This is the one valuable thing we can never get back - our time!