Morning Glory
  • Minister Connie Brandy
8 episodes
Morning Glory is devotional time with Jesus. In each episode, Minister Connie Brandy will read a devotional, share her thoughts, and end with a prayer for God’s blessings for the day.


Leaving Laziness behind
2021 Jan 1524m 4s
In this Episode title “Leaving Laziness behind”, we are examining our lives to find out if we have been lazy in our spiritual life as well as our natural lives. I discuss how having a plan can help you prevent procrastination as well as what happens when we procrastinate and become lazy.
Life progress
2021 Jan 1521m 27s
In this morning episode titled “Life progress”, I talk about allowing yourself room to make mistakes. There is no such thing as being perfect. I also discuss how leaders in leadership gets it the hardest when they fall and make mistakes, and how we can be more understanding of one another.
Searching (and finding!)
2021 Jan 0626m 31s
This episode title searching (and finding!) I am talking about searching for God in all the wrong places. I talk about taking a look at our faith and knowing where to place it. I also discuss Jesus role in our lives, and how we can see him everyday around us and our world.
Filling Ballons
2021 Jan 0620m 37s
In this episode titled “Filling Balloons,” I am talking about how our words can affect other’s lives as well our own lives. I discuss why it’s important to understand the power of speaking God’s word over others and ourselves.
Make room for difference!
2021 Jan 0426m 9s
This Episode of Morning Glory title “Making room for difference”!, we will explore as believers how to view men how God view them. I will talk about how not to be so quick to dismiss someone because of what you see on the outside. Remember God sees the heart!
Soul cleaning
2021 Jan 0425m 30s
In Episode 2 “Soul Cleaning” we learn that when our spirit is full of Junk, we don’t have room for the blessings of God or the power of God to flow through us. I give Valuable tips and information on how to clean you spirit from toxic emotions that robs you of a content and peaceful life with Jesus.
The secret’s is out!
2021 Jan 0117m 22s
In this episode, we will explore our morning devotion title “The secret’s is out.” The devotion is about knowing a secret that’s not a secret on how to live a peaceful and content life no matter your circumstances or situation.
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