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This podcast started when I created it in a sedated state on anti-seizure medication when I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I decided to continue it because why not? Welcome to my health and life journey :) // Socials: ig @alexxlashess twitter @alexlashess snap @alexxlashlee pinterest @alexlashess // Support this podcast:


2021 Jan 2022m 15s
I needed an extra week to process this song oops. Anyways, I've gone through heartbreak before and wanted to give some advice for what helped me cope/overcome those times. Enjoy :)
10 - 1st ep of '21!! being a celebrity, an outcast, & more w Guest: My Cousin Dalisay
2021 Jan 0640m 31s
If you wanted to hear my sister basically interrupt the whole episode, this is the one to listen to. Didn't use a mic and she yelled at me a lot LOL. happy first episode of 2021 :)))
2020 Dec 3027m 56s
This is a reflection of what went on this year. This episode is a discussion of the ups and downs, tiktok, how life continually goes on, etc. // Socials: ig @alexxlashess twitter @alexlashess snap @alexxlashlee pinterest @alexlashess spotify @musicalbobcat99 (i made the user in middle school ok LOL)
8 - Dating apps: the sequel
2020 Dec 2333m 51s
I deleted Tinder and Hinge the day I made this episode. I am visiting family and will be recording overseas for a bit of time. Some projects I have been working on will be put on hold temporarily until next year. Anyways this episode is about how I use them, how my experience(s) have gone, and about how it has changed my mindset on relationships in general. Enjoy :) // Socials: ig @alexxlashess twitter @alexlashess snap @alexxlashlee pinterest @alexlashess //
7 - confidence talk, toxic traits i am working on, + confidence tips :)
2020 Dec 1627m 37s
Confession: I like my own instagram posts LOL. Anywas...I polled people on instagram and discussed the results of these polls... the results made me sad in some ways and questioning on others. I also recognize the fact that I am an overconfident person at times that has toxic traits I am trying to work on, although I don't necessarily want to admit it all the time.... I conclude this with confidence tips that work for me and may help you as well :) // Socials: ig @alexxlashess snap @alexxlashlee twitter @alexlashess pinterest @alexlashess //
6 - bucket lists, plans b4 seizures vs current plans, etc.
2020 Dec 0921m 19s
I discuss bucket lists pre vs after covid, with friends, romantically, and in general. I am very content with life at the moment so I also talk about that. Enjoy :) And listen to the ad of course as always //
5.5 - Our Types & Tinder Talk with Guest: My Friend Nick
2020 Dec 0621m 3s
This was recorded a couple of weeks ago btw. Anyways, Nick and I talk about our types and our experiences with Tinder HAHAHHAHAHA.
5 - Compliments: "i feel like there are dimensions to you"
2020 Dec 0228m 25s
I describe the meaning behind my recent Instagram picture and also discuss the compliments several people have received in their lives that they consider the "best." // Socials: ig @alexxlashess twitter @alexlashess snap @alexxlashlee //
2020 Nov 2529m 12s
An update with how life is going! I was also invited to team up with a New York based small business called SRLC in for "Project Cooperation" whose main goal is to reach out to customers directly with the best products and discounts instead of using advertising services like Facebook and Google. I'll be sharing more information in terms of my favorite products from their business and a discount code soon, so be on the lookout for that! :) SOCIALS: ig @alexxlashess twitter @alexlashess snap @alexxlashlee //
3 - updates to my condition, dgaf aura, etc.
2020 Nov 1825m 53s
TW: casual talk about possibly dying ; The challenge was to shorten the episode to a max of 25 min, but I went over a little bit over LOL. I'm very happy at the moment and I don't think I could be any happier. Here are my socials if interested hehe: ig @alexxlashess twitter @alexlashess ; also support my podcast to fund some of the projects i am working on if interested :) ; LISTEN TO THE AD LOL