• Podd Couple
3 episodes
Stand Up Comedians Ruben Paul and Johnny Sanchez share life lessons from their comedy careers, tell hilarious stories, and interview incredible guests LIVE at the Hollywood Laugh Factory.


Tony Rock - The Podd Couple Ep. 3
2018 Aug 291h 29m 16s
Ruben Paul and Johnny Sanchez interview Comedian Tony Rock about growing up in New York, his comedic inspiration, and lessons from his father.
Michael Bearden - The Podd Couple Ep. 2
2018 Aug 291h 29m
Ruben Paul and Johnny Sanchez interview Musical Director, Producer, Composer Michael Bearden as he shares a wealth of knowledge about his career working with names like Michael Jackson, George Lopez, Lady Gaga and on shows like the Oscar's, Emmy's, and Grammy's.
The Podd Couple Ep. 1 - Intros and Support
2018 Aug 221h 9m 15s
Ruben Paul and Johnny Sanchez talk about their friendship, their unusual names, what "Support" means in the comedy world, and dealing with competition in show business.
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