State of Outbound
  • Matt Wanty
5 episodes
On the State of Outbound Podcast we do two things! We play friendly feud and we talk about outbound sales. Every episode Matt is joined by two people from the outbound sales world to compete in our version of Family Feud. They go head to head and the one with the most points advances to the bonus round. But before that, we talk about outbound sales. Then the champ plays the bonus round with a chance to win Matt's new book, 'Smart Outbound: The Outbound Sales Journal'. Come join the fun on a sales podcast like no other!


Frontline Intel from Sales Development Leaders
2021 Jan 1932m 8s
On this episode of the State of Outbound two sales development leaders battle it out in Friendly Feud.  Holly Signore and Drew Coryer share some great information on sales development and outbound sales  Show topics include the best video messaging...
Math skills are optional in outbound.
2020 Dec 2734m 15s
In this episode of State of Outbound, James Bawden the Host of the Lunch Break Podcast battles Daniel St. Pierre from Profitero in a fierce game of friendly feud.  Show topics include the hardest part of opening up a new opportunity, the best season for...
Clash of the Vice Presidents (not really)
2020 Dec 2137m 2s
On this episode of State of Outbound, Vice President of sales Brian Howard goes head-to-head in friendly feud with another VP of sales Kevin Hopp.   They were almost too nice to each other!  Show topics include favorite contact information tool, best...
Destroyer of Friendly Feud
2020 Dec 1731m 57s
In this episode of the State of  Outbound podcast Ben Ten Pas and Tyler Zalucki battle it out in an almost competitive game of Friendly Feud.  Show topics include prospecting on LinkedIn, CRMs and what's the favorite form of outreach for most reps.
How did you get my number?
2020 Dec 1427m 36s
The State of Outbound Podcast is 1/2 game show, 1/2 talk show, 100% outbound sales! Join us as Phoebe Archbell and Durand Hodges go head-to-head in our version of Family Feud.   Topics include most common objections, favorite sales engagement platform...