The Pretty Girls Talk Trash Podcast
  • Yesenia Villalobos Lagunas
4 episodes
Finding someone to have a fun, engaging conversation is a challenge especially during these unprecedented times. Yesenia and Flora, two roommates living in Southern California, sit down to talk about everything from the hot topics of the day to more controversial thoughts. Join us every Monday morning and chime in on the conversation through our social media to continue the discussion.


Let's talk about sex, baby!
2020 Nov 0946m 7s
Today we look back at our sexual history: from discussing our sex education, expectations for the first time, and what sex really means to us. In between, we’ll talk about what sexy means to us and what we think is sexy in other men and women. We’ll play a “Lighting round of questions” to end this fun romp. Music: Verano Sensual by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Say what you want
2020 Nov 0242m 58s
In this episode, we take a look at cancel culture and how it’s impacted today’s culture. Thanks to social media, one-second thoughts are out in the universe and forever remembered. The accessibility also means that detractors can just as easily latch onto those thoughts and bring them out for judgement at will---regardless of whether it was one year ago or seven. .........Music: Verano Sensual by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Hold my hand
2020 Oct 2749m 29s
In this episode, we discuss feelings and events relating to personal loss as we delve into the history of the two co-hosts and learn about their experiences with grief after the death of a loved one. The COVID-19 pandemic has us looking at the grieving process and how it affects everyone from the individual who suffered the loss to co-workers, friends, and lovers.  Music: Verano Sensual by Kevin MacLeodLink:
X marks the spot?
2020 Oct 1840m 1s
In this episode, we’ll be meeting Flo and Yesenia--roommates turned co-hosts--who discuss why they started their own podcast. Both Latina women, they’ll discuss whether Latinx is a term that will ever take off and whether it really does what it's intended to do. Music: Verano Sensual by Kevin MacLeodLink:
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