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The Ray Bones and Notter Show is a sports and entertainment podcast founded by Ray Dupointe Jr and Chris Nott. The podcast started in May of 2020. Ray (Bones) and Chris (Notter) have a passion for discussing and debating sports including golf, football, baseball and basketball. The brother's in law have a rivalry that spans over almost every professional sports. Ray is a dedicated New England/Boston fan while Chris is a part of the evil empire in NY as a Giants and Yankee fan. The goal of the podcast is to allow people to enjoy a fun and sometimes intense conversation about sports and other topics.


Special Guest: Green Bay Packers Quarterback Tim Boyle
2021 Jan 131h 37m 2s
Ray Bones, Notter and Bryan have the amazing opportunity to talk to Connecticut Native and Green Bay Packers QB Tim Boyle. This was hands down our best interview that we have ever had on the show. We would like to thank Tim for taking the time out of his extremely busy schedule to talk with us.
We Have Gone Off The Rails and The Train is Off The Tracks
2021 Jan 091h 24m 42s
On this episode of the Ray Bones and Notter show, we go off the rails. We talk about mental health issues, the New York Mets taking over the world, and The Washington Football Teams' chances of beating Tom Brady. We also dive into Bryan Mac’s fear of heights, Christmas decorations, Dunkin Fu***** Donuts Drive-Thrus, and taking a number 2 in public restrooms. (Good luck taking all of this in).
2021 Jan 071h 21m 18s
In this episode, Ray, Notter and Bryan break down the final week in the NFL, and we announce a very special guest who will be joining us on our show!
The New Years Day Show. Ray Bones vs BlackBerry Brandy
2021 Jan 021h 25m 51s
On this episode of the Ray Bones and Notter Show: Ray, Notter, and Kev Mike talk Notre Dame vs Alabama and Clemson vs Ohio State. We also talk about the end of the NFL Season!
Bry Mac is sort of friends with Michael Jordan
2020 Dec 301h 33m 58s
In this episode Ray Bones and Notter try to recruit Trevor Bauer to come and play for their respective teams, Bryan and Ray go back and forth about Lebron and Bry Mac tells us a secret story about selling shotgun ammo to an avid hunter named Michael Jordan.....Yes.....The Goat....#23.....Michael Jordan
Balls to the wall
2020 Dec 231h 17m 29s
In this episode, we introduce a new member of the Ray Bones and Notter show, Bryan MacDonald. Bryan covers the Christmas Day NBA picks, talks money lines, and spreads. We also talk Tiger and Charlie Woods along with a recap of NFL Week 15.
Brotherly Love
2020 Dec 191h 37m 38s
In this episode, we preview and predict the ACC Championship game, Charlie and Tiger Woods, and the PNC Championship and we hope that Jake Paul gets put into a coma by Nate Diaz!
Full of Hot Air with Bryan MacDonald
2020 Dec 161h 34m 51s
In this episode, we talk NFL recap, Rays Rant on the PAC12, college football ranking problems, and Notter's frustration with Yankees upper management.
Jimmy V Week and Beating Up Bully Coaches
2020 Dec 121h 46m 15s
In this episode of The Ray Bones and Notter Show, KevMike is finally back and is shook when he sees our new studio build-out.
“Popcorn and Diet Mountain Dew” Our Interview with internet sensation Trenton Brown
2020 Dec 091h 8m 11s
In this episode, we talk to Trenton Brown, a true American Hero that sang the National Anthem at his son's high school basketball game when the audio would not work. He received recognition from national media and has almost 2 million views of his performance in less than a week. He was a great guest and an even better human being. Thank you, Trenton!