• Siddharth Bothra
11 episodes
Enter the world of entrepreneurs and innovators. Their Journeys. The Failures. The Tough Spots. And the Ecstasy.


Rishi Nanda : The Storyteller
2021 Jan 0247m 32s
In this episode, I invited Rishi Nanda - a corporate trainer who specializes in Indian Epics. We took a journey down the rabbit hole which lead us to the reason why Rishi quit his job, the struggle and the pain he endured to find out what he wanted to do, how he picked up onĀ Indian Epics and how he got his first break into Corporate training.
ValuEarth : Sankalp Nandanwar & Shreyash Nandanwar
2020 Dec 1924m 22s
In this episode, I invited Sankalp and Shreyash - cofounders of ValuEarth, a company which makes plastic alternatives using natural materials. We spoke about how they came up with the idea to start ValuEarth & the product pipeline that they currently have. Sankalp elaborated on the challenges of growing the Company and why plastic is so sticky. We also spoke about the growth in the plastic alternatives market and how they plan to diversify and enter new business verticals in the future.
Black Eye Technologies : Amandeep Srivastava & Harminder Singh
2020 Dec 0628m 54s
In this episode, I invited the Co-Founders of Black Eye Technologies, which is a Company helping farmers conserve water by harnessing the power of AI & IoT. They have also developed a device which runs on Algae and helps factories keep their CO2 emissions in check. Their mission is simple - harnessing the power of AI with the vision to heal the nature.
Healthy Swings : Rajvi Shah
2020 Nov 0714m 22s
In this episode, I invited Rajvi Shah - who runs an Instagram page called 'Healthy Swings', through which she creates customized diet plans for her clients and also raises awareness about the science behind food in general. Rajvi told me some of the *many* myths people have when it comes to food and also what her vision is going forward with Healthy Swings. Check out more about Rajvi's venture here - https://instagram.com/healthy_swings?igshid=hutkan2suhuo, healthyswings.cf
Deep Malhotra : Entrepreneur, Author and *Prospective* Movie Director
2020 Oct 1844m 42s
In this episode, I invited Deep Malhotra - who is a real estate developer and he has started several companies like Gemini New Media Ventures, Beck Friends. We spoke about Deep's personal journey, how he pivoted from being one of the main guys in Google India marketing team to then joining his family's real estate business. Deep has also written a book called 'Brick, Cement & Dotcom' which talks about the stark realities of the business world. You can read it here - https://www.amazon.in/dp/9389600901/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_QmdJFbBYZZHRF.
Motherhuts : Viren Roy & Govinda Malakar
2020 Oct 0239m 39s
In this episode, I invited Viren & Govinda - who cofounded Motherhuts, a company which provides home cooked food at your doorstep. Viren told me how they came up with the idea to start this company, and Govinda deep dived into the entire process of onboarding a cook, maintaining quality control. We also discussed the revenue model and how it's different from other [deep cough] *unprofitable* food delivery businesses out there!
The Nutty Kitchen : Adete Dahiya
2020 Sep 2719m 38s
In this episode, I invited Adete Dahiya, who along with her brother Siddhant set up a nut based milk company called 'The Nutty Kitchen'. Adete told me how they came up with the idea, the target audience and the market size for nut based milks. We also spoke about the logistics, the current delivery model and the next phase of expansion. If you live in Delhi NCR, order your bottle of nut milks here - https://instagram.com/the.nuttykitchen?igshid=xdqhjpfvpswf.
Marque & Brew : Raina De
2020 Sep 1924m 39s
In this episode, I spoke to Raina De, owner of Marque & Brew - a company which helps startups with their marketing/branding needs. We spoke about the idea behind starting M&B, why marketing agencies don't charge for strategy, how having a business parent can be more important than going to business school & more!
Rupen Paul : Standup Comedy
2020 Sep 1139m 41s
In this episode, I invited Rupen Paul - who is a Stand-up comedian, owner of two podcasts, host at Finshots and also a blogger. We spoke why Rupen chose the comic life, about his advice for people who are just starting out, and about his theory of Equalization. We discussed why Managers don't laugh at Corporate Events and about that one time where he didn't get paid! And, Rupen told me who his favorite comic was - which blew me away!
El Diablo Sauces : Tanya Nambiar
2020 Sep 0733m 23s
In this episode, I invited Tanya Nambiar - owner of El Diablo Sauces. We spoke about how she and her husband started this business, how it pays to think like the customer. We also discussed the distribution strategy of retail vs digital. We spoke about how El Diablo stays ahead of the curve, Tanya's vision for the company and what El Diablo means!