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“F”is for Friends
2020 Dec 191h 20m 34s
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Open the Door?
2020 Dec 0551m 3s
Do you feel like you are prepared for your 20's? In this hilarious episode, The Queens discuss things they wish they knew before their 20's. WTF is up with Chivalry these days, is it dead?
Intimacy Unveiled
2020 Nov 211h 50m 51s
On this STEAMY episode The Queens dive deep into physical and emotional intimacy. Find out "WTF" is goin on with seasonal anxiety/depression and embrace your "Naked Energy" through shadow work!
Welcome to Our Queendom
2020 Nov 141h 14m 43s
Welcome to our Queendom where we discuss everything that our queens may be going through. In this episode we fix our crown with "Things you shouldn't say to black women," get spooky with Friday the 13th, and channel some naked energy!
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