TCGs The Lions Pride
  • Jesse logan
7 episodes
The Lions Pride was created by Jesse Logan Fitts. A podcast about Adulting, parenting, the struggles of adulthood. Sports, comics, media and gaming. Here we are not afraid to tackle the tough topics either. With guest and co podcasters also joining in. Dont just Join any Pride Join the Lions Pride. Support this podcast:


Stop making people a priority
2020 Sep 129m 16s
Ur not a option
TCG's Embrace
2020 Sep 061m 58s
This episode is just a short downloadable snippet of the song
Hunting for a job pt1
2019 Sep 179m 37s
Part one. The everyday life of job hunting online.
Mermaids are green
2019 Jul 0621m 5s
Rant about how it's dumb that people are upset about a black mermaid.
2019 Jun 218m 45s
The 1st three drafted and my views an opinions on these young men's future after the 2019 NBA DRAFT CLASS
Our parents made life look easy
2019 Jun 2121m 25s
Talking about childhood and the changes since then. The struggles, the ups the downs of adult hood.
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