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Here we talk about empowerment & body acceptance, astrology, art, personal development and doing what you really want.


5 things to do During Every Retrograde (40+!) Mercury - Pluto! |Astrology | Ep 8 | Lattes & Lingerie
2021 Jan 1841m 1s
You've probably heard of #astrology phenomenon Mercury retrograde and  "how terrible it is", but do you know how to use the retrograde motion  of every planet to your benefit?    Today I'm giving you 5 things that you can for *each* planet...that is 40  TIPS! ... so you know what to do during every retrograde period! From  Mercury to Pluto and every planet in between you'll know how to spend  your time during 2021.
Lessons I learned in 2020 That Might Help You Too | Life Chat | Lattes & Lingerie Podcast Episode 7
2021 Jan 1126m 26s
2020 was filled with life lessons for everyone, and today I'm sharing mine with you too. It's a rambly life chat, and hopefully we can get to know each other over these sometimes painful life lessons that I learned in 2020 while learning to embrace my own personality and my tendencies that hurt myself and people I cared about. The switch between 2019 and 2020 held some deep #shadowwork for this gal, and...well hopefully I can take a break from that ....for now!
You're Literally Star Dust and the Universe Contemplating Itself | Lattes & Lingerie | Episode 6
2021 Jan 0424m 56s
Episode 6 of the #lattesandlingerie podcast is live and today we're discussing the romantic, philosophical, but also LITERAL meaning behind Carl Sagan's famous quote "We are made of star stuff." In a deepish (but not too intense) educational endeavor I go over what exactly the job of a star is in the place we call home -- the #universe! Or should I say, this universe upon the multiverse??
7 Steps to Plan for the Greatest Year Ever 2021| goals & prep | Lattes & Lingerie Podcast Episode 5
2020 Dec 291h 6m 42s
After a stressful and unpredictable 2020 everyone is looking forward to a  fresh, new clean slate. I have taken the time to watch and participate  in prep exercises from some of the top youtube and podcast productivity  gurus and have put them all together into one big, monster mashup of a  New Years resolution and goal setting prep extravaganza.   Exercises from Kalyn Nicholson, Christina Lopes, Kelly Dawn, and  Muchelle B all made the cut ... and of course I added a few extra  exercises to make this the most inclusive goal setting, priority  decision making, and resolution deciding exercise I've found yet...and I  love planning and I have watched my fair share.
2021 New Years Resolution & Intention Setting | Lattes & Lingerie | Episode 4
2020 Dec 2123m 46s
Did you know that the tradition of setting new years resolutions goes back way before we as a culture became obsessed with bikini bodies and overachieving? You can use this ritual to reset yourself back to a clean slate — shower optional! You don't need to change your whole life in 2021, you just need to give yourself a clean slate to start with. Focus on just these 5 priorities, and you'll be on your way to a brand new you, with all the amazing parts of the current you, too!
Sexy boudoir photo shoot sessions - Should you have one? - Lattes and Lingerie Podcast | Episode 3
2020 Dec 1427m 38s
So many people pigeon 🕊 hole boudoir photography to be for brides, slim  people, confident people, and women. But you know what? I’m here to  shut that shit down. I refuse to be pigeon holed into a tiny, stupid box  just because it’s easier to market that way. Boudoir isn’t about the  photos anyway. It’s about you and the experience of having it done. It’s  an exercise in appreciation of your physical vehicle. So let’s talk  about it. Who and what the fuck is #boudoir for?
Astrology for Beginners - How does astrology really work? | Lattes and Lingerie Podcast | Episode 2
2020 Dec 0848m 32s
Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the Lattes & Lingerie podcast! Today we are talking very broadly about #astrology.  I have been a dabbler for a long time, over 10 years! But every day I  find new things to learn about and for about the last year I have been  going much deeper, and much more regularly than ever before. This is  such a vast, oceanic topic, that this could never be considered all  inclusive, or probably even that useful. All it is meant to do is give a  very brief explanation to someone who has basically zero understanding  of the depth of astrology as more than "sun sign astrology". If you  notice any errors please feel free to nicely comment down below and  guide all of us along!
Everything (and nothing) sucks! | How to not freak out about everything in your life | Lattes & Lingerie Episode 1
2020 Nov 3034m 10s
It's totally normal for shit to feel like it's falling apart, and out of control, especially this year. But I challenge you to take a leaf out of the stoic's notebook, and try to see everything from the perspective of duality, and balance. Everything (and nothing) sucks. So just do your best to breathe and wake up on the other side.
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