Fueled By Grace
  • Mark Shiver
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Sharing God's Unconditional Love


Even in a Pandemic, God Loves You
2021 Jan 1910m 29s
The coroavirus pandemic has been challenging in so many ways. Sickness, death, and fear have spread through individuals and families like wildfire. It has been a time that has caused some to question what is God doing, what is going on, what can I believe? It is a time where the church has been confronted … Continue reading
Christians Up a Tree
2020 Sep 2617m 53s
Christians up a tree? In this edition of the podcast, Pastor Mark shares how many believers are living in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, instead of the Tree of Life. Just as the serpent deceived Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden, so is he still deceiving believers today. “Has … Continue reading
The Church Must Do This Now
2020 Jun 0527m 55s
The murder of George Floyd was horrific and without excuse. The resulting unrest in our country leaves many with questions for which answers are difficult. The big question for people of faith is, “What should the church do now?” The church must do this now more than ever: pray, pray and pray. Not routine prayers … Continue reading
Coronavirus, Seeing God’s Gift in the Crisis
2020 Apr 0619m 38s
Coronavirus has shut down most of the United States. But, God has given us a gift in the midst of this crisis. We have perhaps the greatest opportunity as a church that we have had in decades. The coronavirus is bad, but God wants to proclaim through this vessel that He has a gift in … Continue reading
You Can Go to Hell
2020 Feb 1216m 47s
You can go to hell, but the truth is that God does not want anyone to make that choice, but wants everyone to come to the saving grace He offers us through His Son Jesus. Sadly, some will say “no” to God’s gift of salvation and to His great love. It’s Your Choice The truth … Continue reading
Broken: Are You the One?
2019 Nov 2632m 26s
Being broken is not fun. Have you suffered a loss, or perhaps heartbreak or tragedy? Then you know that this world we live in is filled with things that assault our faith. As Christians, we believe that God loves us. But, we also struggle at times when there is no answer to the pain that … Continue reading
Brokenness Gets to the Good Stuff
2019 Nov 0418m 4s
Brokenness implies pain, something is not right, something might be shattered. Like thousands of tiny shards, our lives can seem completely undone, with no hope of repair. But, like a coconut that takes quite an effort to break open, the effort is rewarded with “the good stuff.” Embrace the Process When we are going through … Continue reading
Taming the Flesh
2019 Aug 0621m 5s
Carnal Christianity has emerged from centuries of the church trying to do the impossible: tame the flesh. In well-intentioned sermons, books, conferences and myriad other ways, ministry leaders have offered their secrets for taming the beast the Apostle Paul referred to as, “the flesh.” As a result, carnal Christianity has emerged. Not a Christianity that … Continue reading
Grace and Offenses
2019 Feb 0812m 45s
It is easy to receive the “Grace Message” and become so focused on God’s love for us and grace toward us that we forget that there is a whole lot more to living in this world. For example, how are our relationships with others? Are there unresolved issues? Are there offenses? Jesus was very practical … Continue reading
Christian, Come Out of Darkness
2018 Nov 1621m 1s
Christian, come out of darkness. The Apostle Paul wrote in Colossians 1:13,14 that we have been conveyed – moved, transferred, translated – from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of His Son. “He has delivered us from the power of darkness and [c]conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom … Continue reading