Uncanny Stories From The States
  • A Paranormal Podcast
3 episodes
ANOTHER paranormal podcast? Don’t worry, we will make it weird. Come with us on a trip through The United States as we find local lore and legend! We go from A-Z, searching for ghosties, ghoulies, cryptids, aliens and everything creepy in between! Listener stories are always encouraged and you might even get your tarot read or astrological guidance along the way! A short little woman who swears more than anyone you know, a very talkative cat, and whoever else comes along with us on this creepy crazy road trip ! Welcome to Uncanny Stories From the States!!!


Arizona Mogollon Monster
2020 Oct 0337m 56s
Welcome to episode 3 of Uncanny Stories From the States! A paranormal podcast that takes you on a road trip through the USA! In this episode we tell creepy stories of Arizona's famous cryptid, the Mogollon Monster
Aliens in Alaska!
2020 Sep 2638m 4s
This week for our second episode, we are in the State of Alaska! Come with us as we explore the Extraterrestrial, a more common subject in the wild terrain than you may think!
Sloss Furnaces
2020 Sep 1843m 22s
Come with us to Birmingham, Alabama! Episode one, our pilot entails us going on a scary trip into a historic factory of near 100 years!
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