• Danielle
6 episodes
We are Women podcast was launched during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence Campaign against women and girls. We aim to amplify women's voices, and celebrate strength, solidarity and achievement through sharing stories, poetry and inspiring women.


We Are Woman, Episode 6
2021 Jan 1227m 51s
This episode features strong women sharing their inspirations and we hear from mindfulness coach and mentor Karen Openshaw, a true leader and innovator, she shares her honest story of her career and how to care for oneself.
We Are Woman, Episode 5
2020 Dec 2423m 59s
You will hear a selection of strong woman including an interview with Gill Smallwood from Fortalice and comedian Lou Conran who talks about her career, her inspirations, and her show about the loss of her daughter.
We Are Women, Episode 4
2020 Dec 1522m 5s
This show features an interview with Asma Begum a strong woman who left an abusive marriage, Asma believes in sharing her story to help end the stigma surrounding domestic abuse.  And we end the episode with an empowering poem.
We Are Women, Episode 3
2020 Dec 0418m 5s
A selection of strong women feature on this episode, sharing their inspirations, poetry and stories.  And Sally Jackson from FiLiA will be telling us about a current campaign they are working on, helping women in the Kakuma refugee camp in Africa.
We are Women, Episode 2
2020 Nov 3021m 40s
We have been talking to strong women who have shared their stories during the 16 Days Campaign. In this episode we speak to Gemma Aitchison from Yes Matters, about child sexual abuse and the sexualization of children. We will also be talking about about who inspires us, and sharing life affirming tips from Creative Coach, Aurial Majumdar and Women's Rights Activist Dr Urvashi Sahni.
We are Women Episode 1
2020 Nov 2521m 25s
This show features strong women across Greater Manchester, raising their voices and sharing their stories in different ways, including poetry.  You will also hear from Amy Rothwell from Boo Consultants and life coaches Nadine Pemberton and Sharon Amesu.
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