LIVE ABOVE THE NOISE: The Choice-Full Family Podcast

Welcome to LIVE ABOVE THE NOISE…The Choice-Full Family Podcast. Choice-Fullness is an inner power that all of us can develop. It is a power that enables us to better navigate the increasing challenges and stresses of our uncertain and rapidly changing world. Choice-Fullness is made up of three things – our Awareness, our Abilities, and our Control. By expanding our Awareness, we advance the development of our Abilities, which in turn, lead to greater Control – an alignment of our thoughts, feelings and actions that enables us to take charge of our own lives, and future. In today’s world of ever-increasing NOISE, developing Choice-Fullness is the key to creating safer, happier, and more meaningful lives for ourselves, our children and our families. That’s what this podcast is all about. Featuring today’s top experts, it has one aim – helping us develop the Awareness, Abilities and

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