SAŠA KERKOŠ - Pogovor z oblikovalko, ilustratorko, stripavtorico. / A conversation with Saša Kerkoš, designer, illustrato

A conversation about copyright in the field of contemporary illustraiton and graphic design. What sort of contracts are authors forced to sign, and what is the author’s status vis-ŕ-vis the person who commissions the work? What sort of environment does the young illustrator work in at the start of his career, and how does he become such easy prey for the commissioners and copyright holders who sell his product? Saša Kerkoš talked about the thin line between two clauses in the author’s contract: the demand that the author relinquish his rights once and for all time in all cases, and the inalienability of the author’s moral rights. -------------------------------------------------- SLO: Pogovor o avtorskem pravu na področju sodobne ilustracije in grafičnega oblikovanja. Kakšne avtorske pogodbe so avtorji prisiljeni podpisovati in kakšen je njihov položaj v odnosu do naročnika? V kakšne

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