A Secret Show: Karen Carson In The Morning
13 episodes
Your favorite morning show like you've never heard them before… raw, uncensored and unedited! It’s WNEW’s “Karen Carson In The Morning” off the air and onto a podcast with a secret twist each episode. Listen in on the personal lives of three unlikely fiends: a NJ Suburban Mom, a Millennial living in NYC, and a Gen Z Italian who lives at home with his mommy…. but shhhhh it’s “A Secret Show: With Karen Carson In The Morning!”


Episode 13: The WNEW Studio is HAUNTED!!
2021 Apr 1612m 45s
Intern Ant swears he saw a GHOST in our studio today. Also how fitting for our THIRTEENTH episode-- Ok, we’re reaching… but this is our SPOOKIEST SECRET SHOW YET!!
Episode 12: The Vaccine Argument (Part 1)
2021 Apr 097m 40s
One member of the show is REFUSING to get the Covid vaccine..... find out why, in our most heated Secret Show yet!!
Episode 11: Something GROSS just happened in the NEW Studio
2021 Mar 2611m 27s
Intern Anthony finds something DISGUSTING in our studio and Johnny makes a gigantic confession. We never thought it would come to this... but it has! Our grossest episode yet; sorry not sorry.
Episode 10: Is Karen Getting A Tinder???
2021 Mar 1911m 5s
Karen shares a few secrets she's been keeping off the air, in this hilarious episode of A Secret Show!!
Episode 9: Toys that are NOT from Toys R Us....
2021 Mar 1113m 57s
Karen wanted to talk about this on the radio and the boss said HELL NO!! Aka we found our latest podcast topic! This one is X RATED so please listen with caution.
Episode 8: Intern Ant Loves His Bidet
2021 Feb 2613m 17s
Karen, Johnny, and Ant cover a vulnerable topic they have never talked about before. Definitely do not play this episode in the office!
Episode 7: The Time Vault
2021 Feb 1113m 40s
The gang finds an old recording that SPOOKS THEM...and why is Karen's bookmark X-RATED!?!
Episode 6: Do You Have A Breakup Box?
2021 Jan 2913m 38s
The gang reveals secret stuff hiding deep in their closets in this shocking episode of A Secret Show!
2021 Jan 1515m 9s
Somehow the raunchiest episode yet... the gang discusses cursing while on live radio-- and why was Johnny almost fired for going to a blink-182 concert??!
Episode 4: The History Of Porn
2020 Dec 1817m 1s
Karen tells the secrets of old school radio and the boys explore the origins of pornography. Our apologize in advance…